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in-situ Minerals Lab at HFUT houses TELEDYNE Photon Machines Laser Ablation System and Agilent ICP-MS. The combination of Laser Ablation system and ICP-MS leverages high energy and spatial resolution, enabling high sensitivity in sample analysis. Our lab can provide LA-ICP-MS in-situ spot & mapping analysis, aiding in the resolution of complex scientific issues related to geological processes, mineral resources, and the development of new materials from a microscopic perspective.


Rock-forming minerals micro-area or straight-line mapping of trace element, with high data accuracy and spatial resolution.

Trace Elements

Accurate micro-area (~15μm) trace element analysis of ore-forming minerals, altered minerals, rock-forming minerals and fluid inclusions.


High-precision U-Pb geochronology of U-Th rich minerals in micro-area (Zircon, apatite, xenotime, monazite, titanite, etc.)


Self-developed LIMS analysis software (based on MATLAB™), supports internal/external standard calibration, dating analysis and micro-area mapping analysis.

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